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 Many widows and widowers, as well as others who have lost close loved  ones, or nearly lost their own life, frequently experience seemingly  unexplainable signs or events. Simple things like a light turning on and  off, the repeated appearance of coins on the ground, a familiar symbol  showing up many times over, a lucid dream of the deceased, a familiar  smell, or a feeling of someone's presence. While there are many books  and articles with descriptions and anecdotal examples of these  unexplained events, little data has been collected to provide evidence  that these experiences are in fact common, often reoccur, and are very  real. Our Western culture is largely skeptical of these events and many  even get uncomfortable feeling they conflict with their own beliefs. As a  result, when survivors describe their experiences to others, they are  often met with polite doubt, critical skepticism, or even thoughtless  clichés, like "oh sure" or "get over it."  Instead of feeling supported,  they have to spend energy defending themselves, withdraw from  connecting with others, feel isolated, and gradually reluctant to share  future experiences. 


While there are many books and articles about unexpected signs and  relationships, most were written before the increased availability of  organized bereavement and other support groups and social media. Today,  these provide a new opportunity to collect and share a large sample of  data that was previously unavailable. The Angel Tracking Project is  designed to collect this data, utilizing a short ten-question,  web-accessible survey. The resulting information, once collected, will  be posted to help comfort survivors, loved ones and friends, reminding  them that they are not alone, and their experiences are very common and  genuine.

If you have experienced unexplainable  signs yourself, please help support this project by taking the anonymous  Survey on the next page. The third page provides you with real-time,  online Survey Results, including comments that are fascinating. The  fourth has Background information. On the last page, you can add your  contact information to receive final results, new information, and  references.

Please forward the web link to others you know that have had similar experiences so they can get involved.



If you have had unexplainable experiences please take the short ten  question survey below. You can also leave specific observations. The  survey is voluntary, completely anonymous, and confidential. It uses  secure encrypted transmission and no IP address tracking of identity  information. The results will only contain the anonymous survey  statistics and selected observations. Use the back button to return here  and view the current results using the link on the next page. Please  add your name on the Feedback page to learn about future results. **Does  not display correctly on iPad yet**


 This project was started in March 2017, so it is fairly new. It is a  survey to document that unexplainable survivor experiences are very real  and very common by collecting a large amount of data from survivors  that are ordinary people. You can view the current results in real time  as they develop using the link below. 


After a significant number of survey responses are collected, the  results will be posted in popular, non-scientific websites. Previous  articles dealing with unexplained signs suggest the "theory" that  unexplained events are real, but they are only based on anecdotal  descriptions from a handful of interviews. Left to form their own  opinions, believers will probably remain believers, based on their  pre-existing "beliefs," and skeptics will continue to dismiss.  AngelTracker is not intended to be a scientific study to prove/disprove  or explain the unexplainable. But if a sizable number of the responses  provide confirming evidence that these experiences are very common and  real in a large community, that result should provide some comfort to  the survivor community. The goal is just that simple.

Be sure to read some of the comments attached to the question summaries. They are incredibly interesting.


 Two years ago my wife died of cancer. Shortly after, odd inexplicable  events started occurring over time: lights flickering on and off,  pictures falling off the wall for no seeming reason, pennies showing up  unexpectedly (I'm up to 17), unlikely landing of a butterfly on my hand,  etc. We’ve all heard folklore about such events described as messages  from loved ones who have passed. I have been a scientist and  technologist for over 40 years, so I've always been a natural skeptic.  But these very personal and very vivid experiences dramatically changed  my world view. Soon after, I heard first-hand descriptions about similar  experiences by other survivors in my bereavement support group. Later,  while exploring several on-line support groups, I discovered many other  survivors sharing personal stories about a wide range of unexplained  experiences. Hearing about how common these unexplained experiences were  opened my eyes to the possibility that they were real, occurred  frequently, and very common in this community. But I also discovered the  fact that many kept these unusual experiences to themselves.

This  triggered my curiosity, I decided to investigate topics I’d never  researched, like spirituality, and recent developments in quantum  physics and biology I hadn’t been watching for decades. I learned that a  growing number of respected scientists have become more open minded  about links between spirituality and science for the first time since  discarded in the 17th century for a mechanistic worldview. While today's  conventional science still cannot provide complete explanations, that  doesn't mean that the events don't occur and are very real. Rapidly  evolving concepts of a conscious universe, an entangled quantum universe  interconnected everywhere, have become hot topics in the science  research literature, general interest science articles, and even minor  Hollywood movies. 

 This knowledge inspired me to continue my journey to learn more about  unexplainable phenomena. I have since plunged much deeper into both the  related science developments, as well as the spiritual side - which was a  new horizon for me to explore. While my new passion is driven partly to  explore the science to convince the skeptics, I became aware that the  large survivor community cared more about knowing they were not alone in  their experiences. That need for comfort became the inspiration for the  Angel Tracking Project, to fill the gap for missing data that  unexplained experiences are in fact frequent and very widespread. The  fact that we can't explain these events today doesn't mean they do not  happen and are not real. This is not a systematic research study. The  goal is not to prove anything or change minds; it just hopes to inform  both the survivors and skeptics that the raw, unsummarized data,  confirms that these unexplained phenomena are very real, common. and  frequent. 

Bruce Bullock
Scientist & Spiritual Wonderer
Yarmouth, MA